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Our Lawn Services

Site Preparation

Site preparation for any job we do is paramount! Without the right site preparation, you won’t get the right results. We know how to contour every curve and find the right soil mix to help every blade of grass grow healthy and strong.

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HydroSeeding is a fast and effective way of obtaining a beautiful healthy-looking lawn. It can be a cheaper alternative to instant turf or rollout lawn, but still requires some dedicated preparation to ensure your lawn comes out looking perfect.

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Rollout Turf

No longer is rollout turf confined to professional cricket pitches and golf courses. Now you can achieve the perfect finish at your home in next to no time. Leave us a blank canvas when you go to work in the morning and come home to a lawn that is a work of art.

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Erosion Control

Erosion is a common problem when you live in the hills, but it doesn’t have to interfere with your plans for a perfect lawn. We have the knowledge to help you find the best solution for your property. Consult us now to find a tailored solution to suit your slope.

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Lawn Maintenance

We know that when we finish a great lawn, it’s really just the beginning. Lawns require the right balance of feeding, weeding and pest control to stay in good shape. Every living thing needs food – and your lawn is no exception.

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Quick and easy lawn seeding and care

With the utmost care and expertise in site preparation, hydroseeding, rollout turf and erosion control, Wellington Lawn Specialists can help you achieve a stunning lawn.

Hydroseeding is becoming an extremely popular technique to achieve a fabulous lawn quickly. Watch in amazement as your new lawn becomes established in as little as ten days. If you’re looking for instant results, we also offer a rollout turf service.

Our advice on lawn maintenance will give you the knowledge to keep your lawn lush and vibrant with minimal effort.

With a selection of grass varieties on offer, we can provide you with expert advice to help you find the best solution to suit your area, whether you live near the beach or in the hills.

We work with developers, landscapers, architects and building contractors, so tell your team about us.

Find the lawnscaping solution you’ve been looking for – contact us for an obligation-free on-site consultation today.

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