From initial assessment to long-term lawn care plans, from germination to regeneration, we offer services to help you get a great lawn.

Site Preparation

Preparation is paramount! Without the right preparation, you won’t get the right results. We know how to contour every curve and find the right soil mix to help every blade of grass grow healthy and strong.

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‘Hydroseeding’ is the new, cost-effective way to lay a quality lawn. This innovative technique involves spraying a prepared site with Wellington Lawn Specialists’ special mix of water, premium grass seed, fertiliser and protective mulch.

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Rollout Turf

No longer is rollout turf confined to professional cricket pitches and golf courses. Now you can achieve the perfect finish at your home in next to no time.

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Erosion Control

Erosion is a common problem when you live in the hills, but it doesn’t have to interfere with your plans for a perfect lawn.

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Lawn Maintenance

We know that when we finish a great lawn, it’s really just the beginning. Lawns require the right balance of feeding, weeding and pest control to stay in good shape.

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