Rollout Turf

No longer is rollout turf confined to professional cricket pitches and golf courses. Now you can achieve the perfect finish at your home in next to no time.

After site preparation, you can enjoy a lush, mature lawn without having to wait for germination or worrying about the weather. That makes it ideal for winter application.

Leave us a blank canvas when you go to work in the morning and come home to a lawn that is a work of art.

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Roll On Turf Aftercare / Procedure


Supply: We do not grow Turf. We need a minimum of 3-4 working days to order to arrange delivery from supplier. There is only 1 main supplier in the Lower North Island.

Laying: Laying of turf is very labour intensive. There is a lot of manual work involved in the laying of turf therefore extra labour is often required depending on size of job.

Measuring: The laying of turf is a specialized process that requires proper measurements and cutting in for the turf to successfully join together. You have to allow for extra turf to compensate for the offcuts from proper installation eg: Curves, corners, around obstacles. We also fertilize ground covering before laying turf to give new turf a boost as it has literally been cut off at the roots and needs to grow into new soil base.


Turf will be heavily watered with the clients own water at the end of the laying process. Thereafter it is the client’s responsibility to soak this new lawn for 2 weeks to ensure that the turf does not dry out and shrink which will create lines in between the laid turf and it will struggle to bond together and you will have gaps in your lawn. Do not mow within the first 3 weeks and after that the lawn is to be cut on a high setting for the best outcome. You do not want the sun to burn the roots. Lawn should never be cut lower that 25mm as this will damage the grass and allow sun burn and accelerated weed infestations.

Weed Control: There will always be weeds, if weeds do not grow then nothing else will grow including lawn. Weeds come with birds, wind, visitors from other places, mowing contractors etc. Clients are responsible for maintenance and regular weed control as well as a fertilizing program. They can do this themselves or use our services do this.  We quote on request.


We here at Wellington Lawn Specialists pride ourselves in doing our absolute best to help you with restoring or complete install of a new lawn. We also offer a maintenance programs to assist in keeping lawns looking great! We have the option of either Roll on instant lawn or Spray on Hydro seeding Lawn. 


If you do not follow the recommendations as laid out in this document pertaining maintenance and aftercare (after care instructions also included in invoice) of your lawn to the letter e.g. if you don’t do the weed control, mowing etc. we will not be held responsible and will not do any repeat work or repairs without further costs to the client.

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