Preparation before hydroseeding your Wellington lawn is paramount! Without the right preparation, you won’t get the right results. We know how to contour every curve and find the right soil mix to help every blade of grass grow healthy and strong.

Whether you’re looking at a new section or upgrading your existing lawn, our expert analysis will help you plan and prepare your site so that the grass of your choice will prosper. Poor soil conditions, pests and weeds won’t stand a chance.

And the result? Plush, carpet-like lawns without unplanned contours, patches, soggy spots or inconsistencies.

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Hydroseeding Aftercare / Procedure


Fill:  Preferred is soft fill as it is mixed with soil but also has small rocks etc. to help with under lawn drainage.  30 – 40 % soft fill.

Soil:  Our preferred soil is lawn mix.  Our preferred supplier is McMuds Earth Works, however if using your own supplier we advise you use soil with no stone and or soil with limited wood chip in it as it can affect your lawns growth and strike rate, especially when hydro-seeding.

Drainage:  If your lawn or area has no drainage and is not put in before a lawn restoration or new instillation this can affect your lawn growth and longevity.

Compacting:  When compacting your lawn you should be able to walk on it without sinking into it, however it also has to have a soft layer on top for seed to be able to penetrate and same with roots from instant roll on turf, if not done properly it will affect the outcome of the finished product.


Products:  The products that we use are all fully certified and weed free. We are happy for you to inquire or check if desired.

Strike Rate:  Our strike rate with hydro-seeding if our preferred preparation advice and our exact after care procedures are followed will be between 80% – 90% in its first 3 months but will completely fill over time and grow into itself.

Germination Time:  Summer germination starts @ 10-14 days.  Winter germination starts in 15-20 days.  Depending on conditions. Full germination in 8 weeks.  Hydro-seeding lawns during winter months will struggle a bit due to ground temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions but can be done and have had successful lawns.  If for what-ever reason it was too bad in our opinion we just would not do.


Hydro-seeding:  First we would prepare the site where the lawn is to be sprayed.  This may entail any or all of the following:

Turf Cutting:  to remove an existing lawn.

Scarifying:  To break down any hard surfaces to a fine usable surface tilth.

Tilling:  Cuts deep into existing soil or surface to turn it over as a small rotary hoe would do.

Hand Roller:  To compress soil to proper consistency to give a firm but not hard base.

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