Lawn Maintenance

We know that when we finish a great lawn, it’s really just the beginning. Lawns require the right balance of feeding, weeding and pest control to stay in good shape.

Every living thing needs food – and your lawn is no exception. We can take the hassle out of giving your lawn what it needs by establishing a nutrition plan.

Wellington Lawn Specialists are certified sprayers, so we can help keep your lawn free of unwanted prickles and weeds.

Pests such as black beetles and grass grubs can also be the demise of a perfect lawn. If you have problems with pests, we have the solution.

We can even help you with a seasonal plan that suits your section and will maintain a quality lawn for year after year.

Does your lawn need our help? We can help you not only achieve the perfect lawn, but keep it healthy and pest-free. We can also set up a maintenance programme to suite your budget.

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